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What is Fliper?

The beginning of the story dates back to 2007, when I (Blaž) first experienced sailing in the Croatian archipelago, to which my cousin Klemen invited me. A few more crew members joined us and with the Hinco Yachting Club we set out on our first sailing voyage of our lives - with the exception of skipper Klemen, who has been sailing since 1998 and passed the boatmaster's exam in 2000. The experience was unique and we decided to go sailing at least once a year. In 2009, I also passed the boatmaster exam and the VHF GMDSS exam myself.

So why the name Fliper? The anecdote takes us to the island of Lastovo, where we spent the night in the bay Zaklopatica, which is very well known to sailors. In the evening, Klemen and I were cleaning the fish we bought in the morning from village fishermen - directly from the net. After only a few minutes of work, Klemen slipped and plunged into the sea - fully clothed :) Jokes were falling on his account and Luka told us the best one: What becomes a skipper when he falls in the water fully clothed? Flipper! :)

In all my years of sailing to this day, I have visited more than 40 islands and more than 80 sailing destinations in the Croatian archipelago. More than 30 crew members joined me - or I joined them - on the same boat.

Some of the conquered destinations that I am especially proud of are Palagruža (from Vis), Jabuka (from Mali Drvenik), Goli Otok (from Olib), Dubrovnik (from Split) ... and more below!

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